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It was taught to me very early, by my entire surroundings, that if I wanted to exist in Texas in a safe way I needed to mute my personality." Instead, Shittu moved to New York City.

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But what makes this new season different is the fact that the all-queer cast means there are no longer any gender limitations on matches, earning the show the tagline, "The One could be Anyone." Contestant Nour Fraij explains, "Whoever I'm attracted to, whoever I'm drawn to, that's what I want."1️⃣ Amber needs to step AWAY from Justin 😤2️⃣ Are Paige and Remy going to get together!? is all new, MONDAY at 11/10c 📺 #AYTO Go NS— #AYTO (@AREUTHE1) August 9, 2019 The eighth series keeps the same host, Terrence J, and welcomes a new addition in relationship expert, Dr Frankie.

She's on hand to help the contestants work through their shit, as well as making sure they're up to date with all the latest dating bugbears - such as ghosting, benching and stashing, to name a few. Realities shows may be our guilty pleasure, and it is time we see folks who look like us included...

MTV's US reality show, is back with a ground-breaking eighth series, and it's now available to watch in the UK on Now TV. features an entirely queer cast where every contestant is attracted to all gender identities - and it's set to make dating show history.

Not dissimilar to Love Island, still boasts the perfect combination of sun, sex and money that we all know and love.

has finally finished after eight weeks of non-stop excitement, we're not surprised if you feel like a huge void has suddenly opened up in your life.

So, if you're looking for other shows to watch to get your dating drama fix, then look no further.In a reality TV scene dominated by repetitive dating shows — like ABC's "The Bachelor" and UK hit "Love Island" — MTV is using the format to change the way the entertainment industry defines romance.Its unique version of TV dating, known as "Are You the One?Instead, relatable dating struggles play out through a cast of androgynous, transgender and bisexual individuals.And while it may be easy to assume the house would be void of bias, the show also explores the education of its own sexually fluid cast members, some who were unfamiliar with what it means to be trans or genderqueer.The series, a history-making move for the network, is underway with 16 people who identify as having an attraction to both men and women.


  1. By using her tips, including her suggestions for the dating sites to try, Ray is confident that anyone over 40 can find love online. "If you're an older single person considering online dating, it's important you know there are both good and bad people dating online," she says.

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