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" You damn sure weren't checking for that info before it was posted, lol. I am not a HUGE fan of Usher, but this song has incredible depth. So many people openly ridiculed their marriage and her looks.A woman's value cannot be measured by the number of children she has.In the beginning of Usher career he use to praise Bobby until Bobby did the ultimate no no no. The video for love in the club was all over the place and boring and this one I just couldn't get it. I mean in Kanye's vid, which was basically the same (out in desert and one vid chick) Kanye's own was MUCH more entertaining. i can't wait to see him perform it with violins and a band in the back. He needs to change and go back to what he was doing cause its seems like brother is hanging with someone whose got a lot of damn baggage cause its so reflected in this album.

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There is so much self-loathing in the black community, we seem to value a Euro-centric standard of beauty, complexion and hair texture. As for Persia, no wonder you guys had such fab chemistry on Girlfriends. » EXCLUSIVE: The Black Girl Love Fest At Black Girls Rock!

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But she does have a song featuring her husband as her main page song as well as him listed several times as who she is "listening to" on her blogs.

And Persia, who interestingly still has "single" as her myspace status, is currently working on her first album with her group XE03.

In reading the comments it seems that you and I are the only 2 to see that. NOWAY, CAN HE COMPETE WITH JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND WE KNOW HE DOES LIKE IT. Lipsynching is for b-list popstars and Usher to my knowledge is mad talented. Has all the sudden changes knocked the wind out of him?

Someone said she is too pretty for him, what the hell does that mean? It seems to me that Persia is a what you see is what you get kind of gal and playing Lynn probably was no different than being who she really is. I thought it was something with me but I noticed his lipsynching. He could've taken some more time off and get adjusted to his new life which is completely understandable. Just back it up with the cred we've come to known and love and bring it. I like the video, and I like the song, I am tired of the "in-the-club-in-the-bed-in-the-car-booty-shakin-touchin-on-the-big-body-chicks" videos, go Usher for daring to be different, I ain't hatin' @ all!!!!

I guess he will have to divorce his wife to sell ablums. [quote comment="98287"]I thought it was something with me but I noticed his lipsynching. He could've taken some more time off and get adjusted to his new life which is completely understandable. Just back it up with the cred we've come to known and love and bring it. [/quote] I don't know how you made a comment like that but clearly you don't know how people shoot videos. People don't seem to realize that all music is right now are one hit wonders for clubs but they can pass up real music. you look happy all smiles and on the show there seemed deep affection beyong acting. im a libra so i love a man into poetry and romantic.

I'm not feeling this moving mountain ballad and the lipsynching. EVERY artist that makes a VIDEO does not actually sing the song! This song is deep and the more I listen to it and watched that video the more you understand what he's saying. you got a good one gurl you got a good one This song is hot.

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