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She said she did not want to go home because her family believes she should have stayed with her husband, despite the violence.

For decades, women from developing countries have moved to wealthier nations like Australia and the United States, often in mutually beneficial arrangements.

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16, 2007 – PM A 25-year-old Perth man has received a suspended sentence for using the Internet to encourage who he thought was a young girl to engage in sexual activity.

Kurt Charles Porter, 25, of Wembley Downs, pleaded guilty in the Western Australian District Court on Tuesday to four counts of using electronic communication to expose a child under 16 to indecent matter and three counts of using electronic communication to procure a person under 16 to engage in sexual activity.

She was in her early 20s when she decided she wanted to marry a man from overseas."I was trying to save money to go to university but in my country the man is the one that has the decision-making. and I heard things were better overseas," she said."So I joined a dating website designed for Caucasian men to meet Asian woman, and that's where I met my ex-husband, who was in Perth."She said he pressured her to get engaged quickly, but once they were married, he turned nasty."He was very jealous and controlling, and he made me pregnant …

within three months because he thought that way I could not leave him," she said.

Charlie Morton, who runs an international dating website called "International Love Scout", said the "mail-order bride" stereotype was unfair."The guys who go for overseas dating tend to be older men who are not happy with the dating situation in their own country, and they find as soon as they go overseas, they suddenly become much more attractive and sought after," he said."Beneath the surface of this there is a transaction being made — an average guy in Australia becomes a big deal in the Philippines, and for the women, marrying an Australian guy is like winning the lottery."Most of the time, from the feedback we get, things work out very well, and there are lots of happy marriages."But you do see the occasional guy with an attitude problem, more often using looser chat rooms, because they're not vetted the same way the more reputable dating agencies vet the men."Others point out that the exploitation can go both ways, with some women leaving their Australian husbands as soon as they have secured permanent residency.

Perth-born Richard Olszowy, who has been happily married to his Indonesian-born wife Astrid for almost 30 years, said he had seen it happen.This is when a child is used sexually by an adult or young person and happens when a child or young person is pressurised, forced or tricked into taking part in any kind of sexual activity with an adult or young person.This can include kissing, touching the young person's genitals or breasts, intercourse or oral sex.Data collected in 2016 by the Women's Council for Domestic and Family Violence Service of WA showed there were about 300 women and children without income or permanent residency staying at refuges across the state.Some had been staying in the emergency accommodation for between one and two years while waiting for their visa applications to be processed.Even if I was tired and say no, he [would] still want it, sometimes two or three times a day." Menik said she believed her husband targeted her because she was Asian."My husband hated Australian women, he says they're useless.


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  2. Because the divorce documents were sealed, the terms of Madison and Rotella's breakup are unclear, although the divorce was said to be amicable.

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