Pete ashlee dating

But before we dive into the couple's body language, here's a little backstory: They began dating during summer 2013, but were friends for 10 whole years before that.

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Whether their making music together or raising their Hollywood modern family, the two industry vets are practically inseparable.

But when and where did this incredible love story start?

It feels like only yesterday that Ashlee and Evan were keeping their relationship under the radar. From the low key start to their romance to documenting their everyday life for E!

, here's everything you need to know about Ashlee and Evan's life together.

In September 2018, their docu-series Since the beginning of their relationship, Simpson and Ross were already all in.

In this picture she's completely leaning against him, almost giving herself over to him fully.

Within a few months, Ross was already gushing about his sweetheart.

At the , "I'm so in love, and we've got amazing things going on." He added, "We inspire each other.

premiere together in November 2013 where Ross told E!

News of their holiday plans, "We'll be here for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas we're going to stay where I grew up with my mother.

It looks like Ashlee Simpson found the person to give all the pieces of herself to!

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