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Ding Daoshi, an internet industry critic, told Sixth Tone that from a business perspective, the game is considered a wild success, and one of the three pillars in the mobile game market alongside “Honour of Kings” and “Player Unknown Battlegrounds.”“One of the factors in its success is women’s [growing leisure] consumption as their incomes rise,” Ding commented — whereas previously, games targeted only male players.

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“It’s not appealing to people who have no interest in romance fictions,” Su commented.

Facing polarized opinions, “Evol Love R” has more than 220,000 comments on its entry in Apple’s China App Store, and ranks ninth among all apps available.

” Well that’s all well and dandy if you’re some Disney character who lives in fantasy land… See, it’s like you become too predictable to the girl by asking her out to be your girlfriend… and making all these common mistakes that most guys make… Don’t spoil the fun experience of going through the movie not being sure how it will end. We think as guys, “if I cancel a date with a girl, she’s not going to like me”… it’s that moment when she freaks out, because you call her up and say “I’m not going to be able to hang out today”… Let’s face it, there’s probably a girl right now in your life that you’re crazy about…. Well part of your attraction to her is the “NOT KNOWING” what she thinks about you. So let’s talk about a “test” to decode a woman’s mixed signals to determine her attraction level for you.

I don’t like playing games, why can’t you just be yourself? because when a girl gets bored, she starts looking for the more exciting option. But what makes a nice guy so unattractive to women.. Nice guys lose over and over again because they’re predictable, boring, and they’re afraid to make a girl put in effort. But in reality, it’s that moment when a girl is waiting for you to text her back… she falls in love with you when she’s away from you thinking about you.

When you come on too strong and ruin the “movie”, a girl will feel something isn’t “right”… it means you need to learn the behaviors that make a girl obsess over you… If she’s attracted and ready to kiss you, she’s going to let her hand linger there for a few seconds because she’s gonna want to make that physical contact.

In dating, this means ruining the suspense and anticipation she gets from not knowing if you want to be her boyfriend. where she starts going “Omg, what’s going on, I really like this guy…” That’s the part of the “movie” she is missing out on. She should be on google searching “why did he text me this? In the beginning, we talked about a “test” you can do on a girl to determine if she likes you… But keep in mind that if you do the test and realize a girl’s attraction for you isn’t high enough…

According to ASO100, a data analysis website for mobile apps, the game has been downloaded 3.73 million times in the last 30 days.

Miya Jiang, a 25-year-old player in Shanghai, is not single.

The problem here, is that your friends are going to say “Just ask her out!

and she’ll start looking for all the reasons to disqualify you. the behaviors that give her a strong desire to kiss you… You want to capture her attention enough that you get her thinking about you like that. Because when a girl wants to make physical contact, it means she feels chemistry with you.

She told Sixth Tone that she enjoys the attention from virtual paramours, as her long-distance real-life boyfriend is often busy.


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