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Franciscan University challenges students intellectually, helps form them professionally, and engages them spiritually.This includes arming our students with the knowledge and wisdom to confront the challenges of a coarse modern culture, which often runs contrary to Catholic teaching.

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The book is written from the author's perspective and is a hotch potch of random musings on various figures in the early life of the Church, from Zacchaeus to the Apostles to Mary and Martha, and others.

In the midst of his thoughts, which seem to be written in a disorganized, stream-of-consciousness style, he abruptly and without warning begins a graphic discussion of internet porn, in particular a female masturbation scene and how it relates to his thoughts on Our Lady.

Saying that evenings are quiet in a mountain village in the Valais region is an understatement, and I dedicate some — in fact almost all — of them to watching pornography on the Internet.

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Church Militant has confirmed that various faculty are upset that the novel is assigned reading at a Catholic school that touts itself as orthodox and concerned for the spiritual welfare of its students.

In spite of being confronted by administration, Lewis has defended his decision to assign the novel in his course.Update, 1/10/2019: Read our follow-up piece on this story here.Update, 1/9/2019: After intense backlash from parents, donors and alumni, Fr.Sean Sheridan, president of Franciscan University of Steubenville, issued a letter to staff backtracking on the university's previous defense of the controversial reading assignment, apologizing and promising revised curriculum guidelines "to prevent future use of scandalous materials." ******* STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (Church - () Franciscan University of Steubenville is defending a reading assignment that includes graphic depiction of pornography and claims the Mother of Christ "had sex" and perhaps "even masturbated." Dr.Stephen Lewis, chair of the English department, assigned his students , by Emmanuel Carrère, an atheist who rejects the Catholic faith, in a course in the spring of 2018.In 2017, Rebecca Bratten Weiss, an adjunct faculty member in Lewis' English deparatment, was asked by the administration not to return to Franciscan after she was exposed as a "pro-choice" feminist.


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