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IE1234567FA (since January 2013, see [2]) 'IE' one digit, one letter/" "/"*", 5 digits and one letter (old style, currently being phased out, see [3]) For companies it's either 'ES' letter 8 digits or 'ES' letter 7 digits letter.

999.999.999), just adding a zero in front and removing the dots makes it a valid number in the new schema. The last digit is a check digit inherent of the Α.Φ.Μ. M.), but technically the VAT identification number and the taxpayer registration number Α.Φ.Μ.

The check digits are calculated as 97 - MOD 97 'FR' 2 digits (as validation key ) 9 digits (as SIREN), the first and/or the second value can also be a character – e.g. M.) of the company or of the sole proprietor, i.e.: "Arithmós Mētrṓou Phi-Pi-A" = "EL" "A. Beware: Due to the great similarity of both numbers - the one being the same number as the other, just having the prefix of EL - in practice sometimes the VAT identification number is wrongly called Α.Φ.Μ. are different register numbers and should not be confused.

The identifiers are composed of numeric digits in most countries, but in some countries they may contain letters.

Foreign companies that trade with non-enterprises in the EU may have a VATIN starting with "EU" instead of a country code, e.g.

The two leading digits (the check digits) will be derived from the subsequent 9 digits using a modulus 89 check digit calculation.

11 digit number followed by V, to indicate VAT TIN (or by C to indicate CST TIN). The rightmost digit is a check digit (using Luhn algorithm). xxx xxx xxx xxx), of which the first digit identifies type of taxpayer (0 for corporations, 1-9 for individuals and other businesses), second to eighth digits are sequential numbers between 0 and 9, ninth digit is a check number, last three digits are 000 for individuals and head office of businesses and 001-999 for branches of businesses, if any10 digits (companies) or 12 digits (people), first two digits are region of birth or company registration (for foreign companies, two digits after leading 99) MOD 11-10 second two- inspection (before the year 2004, it changed, now stays).Soccer Sweeties Ana Rose & Cayla Lions get their sweaty snatches fucked as 4 hard cocks bang them to total orgasm & give these 2 pretty girls a face full of cum!) is an identifier used in many countries, including the countries of the European Union, for value added tax purposes.The one website where you can fully100% guarantee that you will enjoy watching girls cum on repeat. Sexy Live Cam Girls Every fantasy is sure to be fulfilled, beyond your wildest dreams and furthest from your imagination.Literally, there is something and someone for everyone with thousands of online users available to entertain you sexually 24/7.Set your eyes on some of the most sophisticated and exclusive cam girls to display on the web today!


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