Problems validating windows

To use your CAC with your Mac, use the Mac Notes page.Please verify in step 6 which CAC enablers will with work with your version of Mac OS.To update the driver manually, follow this guidance.

Problems validating windows

Update: Some systems with older video cards might experience a problem installing i Tunes.

Installing an older version might be your only option. If you continue to experience problems with that version of i Tunes, download the latest i Tunes setup here then attempt the installation again.

First, you should follow these basic pre-requisites: on the command bar.

Also, make sure you uninstall other Apple software components listed such as Apple Application Support, Mobile Device Support, Software Update, and Bonjour.

With the release of Windows 10, some users have been reporting problems with getting it to upgrade from older versions or install successfully.

Here are some tips to ensure you get it working correctly.

We've worked with Thursby Software and IOGear to find an update [which is actually a downgrade] for the firmware on the reader.

Please follow guidance here to update / downgrade your CAC reader.

DEE is only accessible via CAC, so, please look at this page for information you will need to access your email.

Mac users who have purchased the IO Gear GSR-202, GSR-202V, or GSR-203 CAC readers may have problems.

Also, Windows 10 has its own music app built-in called Groove Music, and it will import your i Tunes playlists.


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