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The client applications communicate over either an Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or a Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) connection, as determined by the application configuration on start-up.

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Normally, only a small amount of data is held in this schema.

In simple implementations, it is likely to be in the order of several megabytes.

The business layer stores configuration data in the Config schema, and working data and results in the Results schema.

When passing data to and from the client application, the business layer behaves in a manner common to most traditional Java Web Applications.

Note: Each EDQ server must have its own Config and Results schemas.

If multiple servers are deployed in a High Availability architecture, then the configuration cannot be shared by pointing both servers to the same schemas.

This section provides details on the architecture of these components, their data storage, data access, and I/O requirements.

Provides a number of client applications that are used to configure and operate the product.

In the case of a job, several versions of the data may be written to the database during processing.

The Results schema shows a very different data access profile to the Config schema, and is extremely atypical of a conventional web-based database application.

The Config schema stores configuration data for EDQ.

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