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This Net Working Series will be about what do you need to Advance your mission.This Networking Series will be about how to Conquer, what ever it is that stands in the way of achieving your success. Breakfast Networking can help you promote your services, generate leads and sell your products.

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This is a strictly business networking designed for Buffalo area entrepreneurs, small business owners, community/civic leaders, doctors, attorneys, bankers, technology and sales professionals, non-profit administrators, career executives, especially for those in transition, to make valuable connections in a casual, relaxed setting.

Brad Hannel and I will be in attendance to personally welcome you and introduce you to other members of our networking groups.

You can expect, on average, 150 to 250 people ages 20's - 50's in attendance.

Dress is business casual, stylish and sometimes, guests dress to impress.

We welcome salespeople, entrepreneurs, individual practitioners and representatives of companies large and small.

We promote locally owned businesses within the group, awareness of each other’s professions, and educate each other to help increase individual success.

The goal for our events is to offer an intimate, focused and productive networking environment. No agenda, no hard sell presentations, simply networking...please bring plenty of business cards and you will have no difficulty navigating through an overwhelming crowd to find like-minded connections.

First Thursday Networking may be the friendliest and most social After Work Happy Hour you will every experience!

Forget about crowded rooftops, long lines to get in and people with attitudes. P with integrity as it does help us to see how many to expect and send any special messages that may need to go out. Publisher: Lakecrest Breakfast Networking can help you promote your services, generate leads and sell your products.

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