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Judith Orloff, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, said it best when she wrote about the laws of attraction for Psychology Today. Elite Singles found that negativity was among the biggest turnoffs for online daters — 22% of surveyed singles ranked negativity as the worst trait to see on a dating profile.

“The more positive energy we give off, the more we’ll receive. Worse even than sexual innuendo or insufficient description.

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Your profile should be a narrative that draws people in, not a list that their eyes skim over.

According to Tobii Technology, “A profile that prominently displayed a list of traits was perceived as more businesslike.” It comes off as dry and lazy, which drives singles away.

Both men and women didn’t fare well when they boasted of their modesty, but passionate was a crowd-pleaser for both genders.

Additionally, a study of online daters on Plenty Of Fish found those who used words like heart, children, romantic, and relationship were more likely to find love online, so don’t be shy about saying what you’re looking for on the dating site.

The blog concluded, “Men’s photos are most effective when they look away from the camera and don’t smile.” Meanwhile, women got the most positive responses when they flirted directly with the camera.

Creating a dating profile often involves answering a lot of questions about yourself, and it can be a tedious or time-consuming process.

People want to be around a person who jokes around and enjoys life.

They don’t want to be around someone who seems bitter, angry, or unhappy. Passion attracts passion.” The numbers back up this theory.

You didn’t put any effort into creating a dating profile, so why should someone put effort into messaging you?


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