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It has been a savage few months for reproductive rights, with 12 states passing 26 bills to ban abortion, including measures that ban abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy, as well as attempting to outlaw safe methods of abortion.

In the face of this extreme, unprecedented wave of attacks, several states pursued an alternative route, passing laws that expand the scope of abortion providers to ... Today's medicine is not the medicine I signed up for. Sandwiched between generation X and millennials, I don't really belong to either.

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You can also use our Ovulation Calculator to see which days in your menstrual cycle you are most likely to be fertile. Many women with PCOS find that their menstrual cycles become more regular as they get closer to menopause.

Yes, studies have found links between PCOS and other health problems, including: Researchers do not know if PCOS causes some of these problems, if these problems cause PCOS, or if there are other conditions that cause PCOS and other health problems. However, their PCOS hormonal imbalance does not change with age, so they may continue to have symptoms of PCOS.

With PCOS, the egg may not develop as it should or it may not be released during ovulation as it should be.

PCOS can cause missed or irregular menstrual periods. Having PCOS does not mean you can't get pregnant.

Yet the patient’s CT scan showed a number of large masses in the liver, consistent with metastatic cancer.

I compared the current study to the CT performed before surgery. I have been working on gun violence prevention for the past two years.

The liver had looked perfectly normal at that time. After the Las Vegas shooting, I worked with a fellow medical student to create a course teaching medical students about gun violence and how it relates to medicine. If Rudolph Virchow’s observation that “medicine is a social science and politics is nothing but medicine writ large” is true, then medicine is bias writ large because politics is nothing but bias on steroids.

We taught future physicians, the ones who will be responsible for treating gun injuries, about the complexities of firearms in America. Virchow’s maxim is now adopted by medical journals which freely mix medicine with politics.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a health problem that affects 1 in 10 women of childbearing age.

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