Public saftey dating

Data collection can seem trivial compared to other more immediate tasks in a firehouse such as training and vehicle maintenance.

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The hangtag should be displayed from the vehicle’s interior rearview mirror so officers may rear the registration number easily.

Citations are issued for parking violations and moving violations.

The lengths that families in Central America will go through to seek a better life for their children can leave them vulnerable to human trafficking.

Find out how criminal smuggling groups exploit children and their families attempting to reach the United States.

Report any suspicious activity immediately, including anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable. The Department of Public Safety offers a program called Operation Identification where you can record model and serial numbers of your property.

Pull the shades to your room at night and lock your windows. This information will assist Officers with locating and recovering your property if it is stolen. D., license and credit cards to keep at home with your family in case yours are lost.

The alignment of states, and their constant realignment, contribute to ongoing power struggles among international players.

Learn why states choose to cooperate with others and how their policy choices impact the level of security they receive from a relationship.

The University of Mobile is private property and we require students and employees to register their vehicles before parking on campus.

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