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Or was this a natural progression in my evolution as a sneering manifestation of a bad (but generally polite) attitude?

At this point, you might be asking, “So you pulled some weeds. As far as mid-life crises go, this is pretty lame.” Let me tell you some things I’ve learned about weeding.

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There are lingering looks, erotic bedroom close-ups, tears, broken hearts and beautiful period costumes a plenty in this small screen retelling of the early 20th century about Lady Chatterley's passionate love affair with Mellors fiskars 9580 their class differences.

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I looked like a total idiot back in the '80s and I didn't care. It's like those online ads promising "one weird trick" that'll cure just about anything.

In fact it took some real effort to look as ridiculous as I did from time to time. I was away for almost a month this spring and the weeds got the upper hand early. Pussy-ass earth had to wait until I was away to sneak in some weeds. For me, that one weird trick is switching on my punk brain.

Not to mention the store/seller is *very* responsive and *very* kind, I felt so much peace and happiness talking to her about my order :) Thank you so much~! They are exactly like the thumbnail, very good quality, and they're not too high heeled inside, so i could walk around campus as much as I want and not get tired~!

Not to mention the store/seller is *very* responsive and *very* kind, I felt so much peace and happiness talking to her about my order :) Thank you so much~!I guess it started when we moved to Wisconsin, which is a perfectly acceptable punk rock thing to do; the Midwest has/had a good scene. I used to squat in a van with skeletons painted on the side. Truthfully, I don’t listen to much punk rock anymore. ” Then if the moon is visible, I give it a stern look and the moon is like, "Hey, nothing grows on me.There are great stretches of Milwaukee that nobody has bothered to sanitize or gentrify. I have an Agnostic Front and Minutemen station on Pandora, but I’m more likely to listen to my Meters or Sabbath stations (Damn hippie music! I started thinking about the bands I used to listen to back in my semi-shaved-head youth. Not only is pulling weeds a punk thing to do, it’s punk on a galactic scale. I don't want any part of this." No, you don't, moon!It was clear I was fighting my own personal battle. How did I become a middle-aged guy fussing over his lawn? I hope our old drummer Richard Sinn doesn’t find out for the sake of Mr.O’Brian’s kneecaps.) Was this new, slightly botanical me a let down to my 20s punk rock self?It’s like when Arnold covered himself in mud so the Predator couldn’t see him.

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