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Rami kashou dating

It's the same thing with my cadences: I'm probably running out of breath or something crazy, and it's like, 'This is not going to work.' But then I'm like, 'Let me listen,' and it winds up being magical and I just keep it and I'm like, 'Yeah, I love it.'"Minaj can turn heads -- as well as a phrase.

Her fashion sense has a similarly, um, elliptical quality.

But as far as being a gay-positive presence in hip-hop, Minaj insists, "I didn't set out to do that.

I just like to put a spotlight on the people who support me, and it just so happens, you know, that the gay community has supported me -- more than I ever could have imagined." Likewise, she claims it's a happy accident that her rapping style is as Sybil-ic as it is syllabic, with accents, voices, characters ("Nicki Lewinsky" and Harijiku Barbie" are two favorites), drops in pitch -- as though she's speaking in tongues.

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This is the woman, after all, whom the New York Times called "the Cindy Sherman of rap." Minaj says it's more than a pose, though -- it's fashion as a pillar of hip-hop.

Her style, she says, is "hip-hop meets couture meets crazed lunatic....

She recalls a particularly revelatory assignment reading Othello. And the second line was, 'Iago, who done it' -- question mark. 'Tis monstrous Iago who done it," which basically gives the story away.

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