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The child was suffering from leukemia and asked to have a cooking session with Garten through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Sure, Ina Garten is incredibly busy, but it seems cruel to reject a sick little boy.

She eventually agreed to meet him, but not until the boy's mother wrote about the incident on a now-deleted blog.

The on-screen personas of famous chefs are as varied as their personalities.

According to a statement, when Deen went around using the epithet, it was a years ago in what was a "quite different time." According to her company, Deen's use of the slur should have been excused because when she was born, "America's South had schools that were segregated, different bathrooms, different restaurants and Americans rode in different parts of the bus." Deen claims she no longer uses the word as "things have changed…in the South." Sorry Paula Deen, but racism is racism no matter what decade it is.

Rocco Dispirito has made millions as a restaurateur and television personality, but the famous chef is still counting pennies.

How much of it is real, and how much of it is just a show for the cameras?

It turns out that a lot of your favorite celeb chefs are actually total jerks in real life.

It's a mark of just how famous Ramsay is that people are tagging him in their food.

Sometimes it obvious the posters hope he'll say something snarky.The captions read "Close up of Drunk Mexican Tranny after Bes poured a Bottle of water on its head" and, "Big Body Posin wit a Drunk Mexican on Broadway #Queens." Bronson defended his actions, saying the person in the photo shouldn't have gotten drunk if they didn't want to be put on Instagram.He later posted an apology that said, "I love Gay People, Trannies not so much." It gets worse — Bronson went on to say that he wasn't "trying to offend anybody from the Gay and Lesbian Community" and that the person in the photo "wasn't even a Transvestite." He closed his pseudo-apology by saying that he doesn't "give a f***" what people think.Making another culture's food the butt of a joke is not okay. The "Chopped" star is not only a television personality but also a restaurateur.Unfortunately, the chef might have major cooking skills but his business expertise is a bit lacking.He says he was his mother's sole caretaker for years, which is admirable, but after she passed away he went to war with his two siblings over her will.

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