Recycle bin icon not updating

As you likely know, unlike program shortcuts, we can’t pin Recycle Bin directly to the taskbar area in Windows.We need to either create a toolbar with path to the Recycle Bin or use a third-party program called Taskbar Pinner to pin Recycle Bin to the taskbar.I installed the patch about three weeks ago and have not experienced any problems with the desktop not refreshing itself.

The Recycle Bin icon in Windows is set to display different icons when it is full and when it is empty automatically. If it does help, go back and again change back the icons, to what they should be, using the same procedure, mentioned above. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.

If you find that when your Recycle Bin does not refresh but shows the same icon, irrespective of whether it is empty or full, here are some trouble-shooting steps you can try. Before you carry out any of these suggestions, I recommend that you check if your Recycle Bin is corrupted, and reset it, if it is. Now using the same method Enable /Check Recycle Bin, then restore defaults.

The sad news is I have no clue as to where the original is…Good luck @Smartik1 To display the recycle bin on the desktop… I just had to reboot, and of course it rearranged all my icons again. first you will have to enable folder view to show hidden and system files.

– right click on the desktop and select personalize. I tried the icon restore, and it moved some of them closer to where they were, but there were still quite a few in different places than I originally had them… then delete the $recycle folder when you use the recycle bin again it will reinstall. Or there is a microsoft update to fix this but it told me that this update was not for my system.

For this the easiest way would be to download and use our Icon Cache Re Builder.

update itself correctly after adding a folder shortcut or downloading a file to the desktop.The hotfix (KB932406) for resolving the desktop not refreshing properly, can be downloaded from Microsoft web site for both Windows Vista x32 based systems and x64 based systems. but it says "windows cannot find and blah blah" so pls shed some light on wud be really great cos i need to do a lot of netsend via my home network and i dont want to install just another program to do this.thankx genex3m Did you upgrade Vista from XP or are you running Vista Home Basic or Premium?It seems something is missing or it did not get installed for some reason.– look to the left pane near the top and click Change Desktop Icons.

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