Resource designer cs not updating

And that's not the first time i get problems with the Resources.

The Ids defined in some Layout Files are also not being compiled to the Resource.File.

The only thing I can do is delete the axml file and recreate it without the View Flipper.

resource designer cs not updating-26

O I'm using a custom color as background for my List Items.

The color is defined in the and referenced in a Layout-File (.axml).

Is there a way to force the designer file to update?

Hello, I've been trying for the last few hour to compile and package my App, but I can't, cause Xamarin Studio is unable to freaky compile and update the Resources o.

Michael Taylor - 8/25/07 As far as preventing the comments I don't think you can.

I'm having trouble getting refresh certain axml files.

Create("Demo.resx", "Demo Resources", "Demo App", provider, false, out errors); if (errors.

foreach (var picture in pictures) // Add the file to the project and set the Custom Tool property. Get Files(resources Path, "*.resx")) I have flattened the above code a little bit, cause in my real solution i use a custom class for each picture instead of the simple filename to also support the same filename in different sub folders (by using a part of the folder structure for the namespace generation). Stream Writer sw = new Stream Writer(@".\Demo Resources.cs"); string[] errors = null; CSharp Code Provider provider = new CSharp Code Provider(); Code Compile Unit code = Strongly Typed Resource Builder.

Then will VS automatically create the needed designer file. Combine(root Path, "Images"); var resources Path = Path.

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