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Although each of the controllers (in the case of an e Node B in an LTE system) can monitor the activities of the mobile station at the time of service for a particular mobile station, but this information is often lost when switching to another controller in the mobile station.

In a system using the centralized control architecture, this is not a problem, because such systems typically cover a number of cell controller, and the mobile station is typically controlled by the same controller longer period of time.

[0009] Thus, an exemplary method includes: a first control node to the serving switching received in association transaction history transmitted from the control node and a mobile station in a service control node.

resource in use updating firmware 4560-43

It relates to a wireless communication [0002] The present invention generally, and particularly to a method and apparatus in a wireless communication system using information between distributed control architecture of a base station the mobile station transaction processing (transaction) is used.

Advocates of this trend suggested that resource control functions placed in the base station will produce better system performance due to more timely information will be available for radio resource management decisions.

In a distributed architecture, there is a risk: the mobile station 160 moves across the network has never been a single controller long enough period of time to cause the controller to recognize that a more power-efficient should be triggered state.

For example, if the mobile station 160 is switched in the middle of an ongoing uplink data transmission from one base station to another ー, the mobile station 160 is preferably immediately receive the appropriate allocation of resources in the target cell in the link up, even in a mobile station 160 uplink transmission buffer status report before the link to the target e Node Bll O.

[0011] In still other embodiments, a computer program product comprising computer-readable program code embodied on a computer-readable medium, the computer readable program code configured to perform the above-described one or ーmethods.

[0018], next-generation support is currently the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) wireless communications network design and specification at work is called Long Term Evolution (LTE) Union.[0024] Accordingly, the present disclosure is directed to a method and apparatus for a wireless communication system, wherein the controller radiolabeling element (e.g., Radio Resource Control Function in LTEe Node Bll O) holding the mobile station 160 and transmits the transaction history to the history of the mobile station 160 receiving subsequent radiolabeling controller control element.In some embodiments, the transaction information includes a transaction history relating to mobility, such as mobile station 160 is already present in the cell in which the mobile station 160 and those experienced in the time information related to the cell.In some embodiments, the service-related information comprises a transaction history, such as mobile station 160 transmits to the amount and / or the mobile station 160 receives the data traffic and / or type.[0025] In an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, the mobile station 160 currently serving the resource controller (e.g., a radio control function at the service e Node Bll O) The mobile station 160 transmits the history information to the transaction will take over after the handover the resource controller to the mobile station 160, such as a radio control function at the target e Node Bll O.The transaction information may include mobility-related transaction information and service transaction information related to a given mobile station, the mobile station when the corresponding switch is performed between control node may control the transfer and updates the transaction information, so that the control of characterized the control node can access the information of the mobile station's past activities.


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