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Our people love one another because they are married, which is not quite the same thing.We differ from Westerners in that our marriages are contracted not out of love but by the will of parents or tribe.

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It wouldn’t be a Catholic attitude even in the packed parishes of the 1920s or earlier.

To seek perfection (at least in your own notions) in a future spouse is to misunderstand the very basic point of marriage.

Now, I’m not one to advocate, as some imprudent people do, that if you are a man and you find a Catholic woman who will marry you, that that is all you need for a successful marriage.

I am just reiterating that the “unconditional surrender” attitude regarding finding a spouse which many of us have been infected with vis-à-vis the modern world is simply NOT a Catholic attitude.

For company he tames dingoes, meets with friends from the Lockhart River Aboriginal community 40 kilometres away, and entertains drop-ins such as Russell Crowe sailing past on his honeymoon or the chairman of Mc Donald’s on a game-fishing trip.

Then there’s the running feud with Boxhead, an antisocial saltwater crocodile who just won’t leave him in peace.

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in the regular column "The Restoration." "The Restoration" is a monthly column dedicated to restoring Christian ideals in our modern culture.

I, too, stand guilty of these charges, at (many) times. Through informal social networks – I propose that 5 or 10 or 20 married women form an informal private facebook or Ning or email group in order to facilitate matchmaking.

Single people could send in a simple one page profile about themselves and this group could act like an executive board and help arrange for introductions.

Brimming with humour, eccentricity and hard-earned wisdom, The Millionaire Castaway is the feel-good autobiography of the year.


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  2. During the burning of the Royal Palace, a great fire ravaged the Library of Ashurbanipal where the scholar King Ashurbanipal had amassed a great number of texts and tablets from various countries.

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  4. As Anne Frank said, “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” Two weeks later, I’m eating a salad alone at the dimly lit ground floor food court in Melbourne Central.

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