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Following the “Shooting for the Stars” section of the guide will help you to have the upper hand in any relationship that you want to develop with a man.These are just some of the essential teachings that this book offers.It becomes even more difficult if it’s a long-distance relationship.

Throughout her entire professional career, she has researched a lot about couples, their behavior while dating the person of their choice and their communicating patterns.

She has included her finding in her programs to help readers improve and enrich their relationship through her discoveries.

If you are shy to talk to your man over the phone, this section will definitely help you to take the right approach towards continuous communication.

Get a burst of excitement in your man’s heart by improving the quality and techniques of your text message. Applying the text messaging techniques when chatting with the man of your dream you will be able to create a long-lasting effect on his mind from the very first conversation.

She has devoted her life to helping women find the man of their dreams.

Her programs have millions of followers worldwide, and she is considered as one of the most popular dating coaches for women on this planet.Reviving a previous relationship sometimes makes sense, and this portion of the guide will teach exactly how to get back your ex.Although this might seem a bit complex but following the mentioned guidelines will help you to complete the process smoothly.The book helps to unveil the innermost desires of a man’s thought process and how women can use them to their advantage.It includes everything that a woman can imagine like understanding confusing text messages, sending emoji, avoiding unpleasant requests for posting nudes and much more.This means the guidelines are applicable for all males as almost all of them share the same psychological characteristics.


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