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Many people found that selling their home to the company appeared to be easy and seamless.

They signed the contract and were made to believe the transaction was finalized.

The amount of time it took to receive a check prompted these sellers to question the legitimately of the sale.

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Online reviews also pointed out the high cost of starting a Home Vestors Franchise. What I think this is an old practice in real estate. on occasion it works for everyone, but that's not the point for the agent. I receive a letter every month telling me they want to purchase my house.

The base cost and the ongoing fees for its franchise owners adds up to a considerable amount of money. They get you to agree to sell (usually no money down and a chunk of your equity) and then sell for a higher point and take a fee from the difference. He wants a fee and he doesn't want to spend a penney to get it. My house is not for sales it is in good condition and I am not late in payments.

Home Vestors franchisees can be described as individuals who flip homes; a majority of these homes are pre-owned distressed homes located in established neighborhoods.

Most of these investors will fix up the homes they purchase and then sell them for a profit, others may buy homes to rent or buy a home which they lease to its original seller.

Since they are partnered with financial institutions they can provide mortgage financing with little to no money down.

This has also afforded those, who struggle with less than perfect credit, an opportunity to buy a home.

Homes sold by the company may be move-in ready or may only be partially fixed up.

Franchisees are required to disclose the home repairs made and issues with the home, to potential homebuyers.

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