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That’s when Jillian Martin decided that she would get creative and turn those old shirts into a quilt, something that any classic rock fan would feel much respect for.

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The group will release its long-awaited debut, Akron, Ohio, on April 19.

It features a guest appearance by J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), who also plays with Petkovic in Sweet Apple.

As always, tracks will be available on the Play Station Store on Thursday.

Oh, and of course, pyramid hats are sold separately.

The pop-up message in the game reads “Dear rockers, on May 31; Rock Band will no longer be playable on your device. ” Apparently, the more recent Rock Band Reloaded doesn’t have this pop-up.

I have a feeling that fans of the original app will be in an uproar over paying for a game then having it taken away, even though it’s been a long time since this game first launched.

We care very much about the small number of players who have reported issues with both Rock Band 4 hardware and software, and we're fixing those problems.

S – All those classic rock band t-shirts she’d worn over the years were stuffed in bags, shoved under her bed.

I have a feeling since this was a premium purchase app when it was new, there will be unhappy people who lose access to the game.

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