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Among the Igbos, the period of courtship comprises the first meeting, other meetings of the two people concerned, the mutual inquiries conducted by both extended families and the state of friendship leading into the actual celebration of the marriage.

Since the people live their lives together and since families are closely knit, courtship is not a private affair.

The family of the young man invites the girl several times to stay a native week at time with them.

During this time, she studies the man and his family while they in their turn observe and admire her ways.

LIFE in Lagos can be hard, even for a young, salaried professional.

Here our purpose is not to discuss love and love stories such as are found in many novels today.

Rather we want to explain how the Igbo young man and young woman are attracted to each other when about to marry and what keeps them together in married life.In the past young men and young women associated occasionally."Company keeping' and ",going steady" as a prelude to marriage among Europeans and Americans were unknown.During feasts and dances, women had their group while the young men also kept to their own group.The practice of a boy marching up and down the town with a girl did not exist, although it is coming in gradually today.Basden here makes an interesting observation: "The word 'Love' according to the European interpretation is not found in the Igbo vocabulary".

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