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Ask any woman that you trust - a single red rose is usually every bit as romantic as a dozen.Perhaps more so if you happen to have impeccable timing.Develop some flare by adding a theme, Italian for instance, or just make your best dish.

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Perhaps you will slip a romantic note in your paramour's pocket for them to discover later. If you're having trouble composing a letter, try this.

Keep your hand moving while you are writing the first draft - do not stop to edit under any circumstance. When you re-read your letter, you may be surprised to discover it's better than you thought. Keep the good stuff, discard the rest and do your best to clarify your intention. The point isn't really the quality of your writing but the sincerity of your message. Alternatively, spend an evening in and write a love song or poem together.

Relax, be yourself and be content to let things develop naturally. If it is sincere, it comes from your heart and is a product of intimacy and respect.

So, even if you really want to impress the object of your affection, don't plan any grand gestures before you are certain that your efforts are both welcome and appreciated.

It certainly doesn't have to drain your pocketbook either.

Sometimes the seeds of romance are sewn in the simplest gestures.A romantic stroll Take a romantic stroll or find a scenic place to sit and talk.Counting the stars, sharing your dreams and talking intimately together is the essence of romance.Explore a historic area you've always wanted to see - history and character add to a romantic atmosphere.Hire a rowboat or find a scenic spot to enjoy the sunset together.Music, wine, candles and a nice table setting are a good start.

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