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R20, he is only a minor actor so it's not as if he's getting that many questions compared to an A-list star.And he used to talk a bit about his personal life in interviews before he started dating her, so why has he clammed up?

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I don't know; I think the strongest episodes have concentrated either on Merlin and Arthur's relationship or on Arthurian lore; when they move away from that towards monster of the week stuff I tend to lose interest.

Still, I'll probably end up watching each and every episode. That's what I said above - he seems like a boring straight guy, and such a stereotypical jock:favorite thing: footballfavorite food: steakdoesn't read booksdates blondes R15, Doctor Who Series 5 (when Matt Smith was first introduced, and Steven Moffat first took charge) started out much stronger (10 million premiere, 8 million for the first few episodes after that), but eventually dwindled to the 6.5-7.5 million range.

With its steadily improving ratings (last season had its highest ratings ever, and even beat out Doctor Who), it's probably unlikely that they'll cut things off with the next season.

I think there's a wealth of backstory and lore they could draw on to make interesting plots...

He got a few small jobs after leaving the DCL such as Dis/connected and Lewis but his big break was on Merlin playing the character of Prince Arthur. I'm also not sure about how I feel about some of the comments he and Colin Morgan have made about the homoerotic subtext between their characters.

A lot of fans like it, but they seem to get offended when anyone asks if their is a gay subtext between their characters. R6, I actually think Bradley's been pretty cool with it - in some of the first interviews about the series, he said it wasn't his or Colin's intent to convey a romantic relationship, but that they nonetheless wanted to show there being an intense bond, so he was flattered that people picked up on it from their performances.

R11, it should air starting in September or October.

Apparently it's going to be a full 13-episode season (last year they said it was going to be reduced to 10 episodes due to budget constraints, and it was also rumored it would be pushed to 2012 to avoid conflicts with Doctor Who, but now it appears to be back to 13 episodes in the autumn).

It doesn’t really matter its great that she is open to having a multi Ethnic family.


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