Same sex teen dating violence

This presentation was part of Embody's Safe Healthy Strong 2015 conference on sexuality education (org/safehealthystrong).Embody is Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin's education and training programs.We must have broken up about 20 times." The final break-up happened when Monique landed several punches on La Tesha in front of the staff of Safe Space, an LGBT community center in Jamaica, Queens.***Chris, Sam, and La Tesha are smart people with educations, plans, and busy social lives.

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The relationship lasted nine months, but continued to affect Chris for years after it ended.***Sam, 25, describes himself as having been "naive and impressionable," during the time he was dating David.

"He's not a stupid person," Sam told me over Skype.

Any attention that I didn't give to him—whether I gave it to friends, family, or other guys, even just other gay men who were my friends—he would get very upset if I hung out with them too much."David eventually forced Sam to open a joint bank account so that Sam couldn't "stockpile" any funds and move out.

He increasingly tried to cut off Sam’s contacts with friends and family.

"We had gone out dancing, and when we got home, I was changing in front of him," said Chris, 34.

José threw him on the floor of their bedroom closet, and smashed the only light bulb in the room, leaving them in darkness.

Learn more: org/embody DESCRIPTION At the root of all abuse is the fact that someone else knows.

One out of every three adolescents in the United States is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse from a dating partner.

"He never hit me or threw things directly at me, but he would frighten me enough to make me back down."According to Sam, David became increasingly controlling after they moved in together, three or four months into their relationship.

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