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You have to be passionate as businesses evolve with your heartbeat.But launching the dating website My Single Friend in the early 2000s – before smartphones and swiping – was really exciting. Now she is meeting small business owners around the country, as part of an initiative set up by accounting software experts Quick Books, to help them prepare for the launch in April of the government’s Making Tax Digital campaign.

Actually making money from the sheep won’t be our main focus – instead, we’re planning to do exciting things with the farm buildings.

, the series documenting the restoration of the grade II listed building in Yorkshire that had been her family home since 2001.

I got a kick out of going to the bank and paying them in.

My grandfather was an accountant and when we developed our first property, he taught me double entry book keeping.

Like all the best businesses, it was born out of frustration.

A friend wanted a boyfriend and she was such an amazing person I got irritated that she couldn’t find one.“The old way of selling houses was for the agent to decide and the client to obey,” she explains.“In the UK 95 per cent of all property searches are now made online, so that’s where you need to be. If you no longer deliver you will go out of business.” Tepilo was named after a fantasy castle in a story her architect father used to tell her when she was a kid.Back then, dating agencies were run by ladies in tweed sitting in fusty offices, and nobody talked about it. I woke Graham and said, ‘Let’s put all our single friends on a website and fix them up!’ I rang all the singles I knew, promising dinner if they’d sign up.Your headlights can only point in one direction at a time and businesses shift and evolve constantly, so you need to be on it. He’s been my partner in life and business for nearly three decades.” “It’s something small businesses need to be aware of and plan for.


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