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Thus, Beatrice has likely known Shale's stepson through her parents' mutual friend.Plus, she probably attended Shale's funeral in 2011.

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Things became quite uncomfortable for the royal family in 1992, after Fergie was photographed with a man who was sucking her toes (the man was identified as John Bryan) while she was still married to Prince Andrew.

“The family came down for breakfast and there was Fergie in this shocking scene and that was the end,” said royal biographer Penny Juror in the documentary .

After dating briefly, Fergie and Andrew announced their engagement in March 1986 and were married in July later that year.

In August 1988, their eldest daughter Beatrice was born, and then Eugenie was born in March 1990. Shortly after the birth of Eugenie, on March 19, 1992, the couple separated (the announcement was made on the sixth anniversary of their engagement).

These discussions are not yet completed and nothing will be said until they are.

The Queen hopes that the media will spare the Duke and Duchess of York and their children any intrusion.

Although Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew are divorced, they seem to have a good relationship.

Fergie even moved back to live with Prince Andrew years after their split.

Princess Beatrice recently debuted her new boyfriend and they seem quite serious.


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