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Over the next few years, the name in advertising and on packaging changed to reflect their ownership.The name became Eversharp Schick Injector Razor, with the 'Schick Injector' part getting smaller and printed in a different font and colour that emphasized the phrase "Eversharp Razor".Schick sold the company, one of the key patents was taken out by him in 1931, that being for the separate injector magazine with plug in key. bought out the rights to the razor, although the Magazine Repeating Razor Company continued to manufacture the razor until about 1950.

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It seems now that the current owners of the Schick name, Pfizer Warner-Lambert, are not selling the Injector Razor in stores in North America, although they still sell them in Japan, and over the internet.

Will we soon see and end to this venerable little shaving machine?

Warner Lambert was in turn engulfed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, who among other things is now selling Wilkinson designed razors under the Schick name in North America.

Unfortunately they terminated sales of the razor in stores in North America in about 1998, although they are still available on the internet.

However, there are several ways to place a Schick Injector Razor into at least a period of time, if not an exact year.

There are manufacturing codes on most Schick razor products made since about 1960.Schick is a brand of personal care and safety razors owned by Edgewell Personal Care.The company was founded in 1926 and was purchased by Energizer in 2003 from Pfizer.Any day on e Bay you can see dozens of them for sale, and relatively few bids out, at least for the common ones.After all, they all look just the same, don't they? But look again, there's more to this razor than meets the eye.Through it all, the venerable Schick Injector has endured for almost 70 years.


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