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"To state the obvious, it’s wrong to retroactively take power from the record number of Wisconsinites who turned out to vote this year," Kaul said in a statement.The legislation will initially give lawmakers control of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.

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Within hours, liberal groups promised to bring a legal challenge to the early-voting restrictions, and other lawsuits are possible.

At a signing ceremony in Green Bay, Walker contended the legislation did not shift power from Evers, pointing to a poster with a design similar to a Venn diagram that he said showed he and Evers would have the same authority.

The move came a day after Walker announced a $28 million incentive package for Kimberly-Clark Corp.

using powers the legislation strips from incoming Democratic Gov. If Walker had signed the legislation earlier, he wouldn't have been able to cut the deal with Kimberly-Clark without permission from lawmakers.

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Scott Walker's 'Venn diagram' RELATED: Kimberly-Clark to receive million in taxpayer funds under new deal from Scott Walker Evers told reporters he will be reviewing "options" but did not say whether he would file a lawsuit.

Scott Walker signing legislation that curbs Evers’ powers.

But Evers wouldn’t answer questions from reporters and didn’t say whether he would seek legal action.

Under the new laws, Evers will need to get permission from lawmakers to make substantial changes to health care and public benefits programs.

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