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These transactions are faster, more accurate and less expensive to process than paper checks.

The SDU offers two electronic payment options: 1) electronic funds transfer (EFT) via automated clearing house (ECH) credit-this service allows employers to instruct their financial institution to automatically transmit child support payments, along with child support income withholding data, using the ACH network; 2) EFT-ACH Debit or by Credit Card- This service allows employers to make payments by electronic debit from a checking or savings account, or with a Visa or Master Card credit card.

The National Medical Support Notice is considered to be a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO).

By law, a QMCSO requires an employer to permit the employee to enroll any child, who is otherwise eligible for health insurance coverage, without regard to enrollment period restrictions.

The employee must provide proof of outside coverage to the Department of Child Support Services before the order can be terminated.

Q: A: You cannot force an employee to sign an enrollment application.

Once enrolled, employers can make payments suing the E-Pay feature or by using the SDU’s Integrated Voice Response telephone system by calling 1-866-901-3212. If an employer has more than one employee with a child support obligation, the payments may be combined into a single check.

Q: A: Employers can send checks to: California State Disbursement Unit, P. When paying by check, regardless of the number of employees, it is essential to include the following information for each employee: employee name; child support enforcement case number; employee social security number; date money was withheld; the amount withheld for each employee; and include a company contact name and phone number.

In addition, the court may order payment by electronic funds transfer from the employer’s bank account if the employer has willfully failed to withhold the required support.

Q: A: A copy of the National Medical Support Notice (“NMSN”) must be given to your employee within 10 days after receipt.

Employers have a direct impact on the lives of children and help families attain and keep their financial independence.

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