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Within days, Jake has stumbled into his first fight, beaten to a pulp by mixed martial arts champion and campus douchebag Ryan Mc Carthy (Cam Gigandet).

Desperate to even the score, Jake enlists at a “combat club” run by Jean Roqua (Hounsou) to help prepare for an underground fight tournament.

” Quick answer: because it’s not as bad as it looks.

In fact, it probably could have been much worse, but thanks to solid performances from Hounsou and star Sean Faris, not to mention some kickass fight sequences, “Never Back Down” succeeds as a mildly entertaining update of "The Karate Kid” for the You Tube generation.

That’s simply not acceptable, even if Blu-ray owners get exclusive access to an Alternate Angle Fight Mode that showcases three different angles for seven of the film’s fight sequences.

The Blu-ray release also includes an unrated cut of the film, deleted scenes, a 10-minute fight featurette (“Mix It Up”), and a comprehensive dissection of every fight with commentary (“Blow It Up”).

Okay, so maybe Ryan and his gang of spoiled beachheads aren’t exactly the 2008 equivalent of Cobra Kai, but their existence moves the story just the same.

Ryan is a big jerk, and Jake is the nice guy destined to take him down.Jake is a teen with a lot of pent-up anger because of his father's death and gets into mixed martial arts to get revenge on a boy who beat him up.Jake is a rebellious teen who always gets into fights.Instead, Faris is paired up with a goofy sidekick (Evan Peters, who appears to have forgotten to take his Ritalin during a majority of production) and a shallow love interest (Amber Heard) that is so unimportant to the story she literally disappears for the entire second act.Jake’s relationship with his mother (Leslie Hope) is also severely underdeveloped, and while the last thing we need is more from the veteran actress (she made watching the first season of “24” bittersweet), it may have served the story better to go into a little more detail.Jake then opts out of the fight since his main reason for fighting is to pulverize Ryan.


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