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It may be better to line the carrier well with newspaper and absorbent cloth in case an accident happens, and take some spare familiar-smelling bedding if you need to replace it.

Place the carrier where it will be secure if you have to brake suddenly but where it has a good air flow – ie, not underneath lots of other luggage in the back of the car.

Most cats are not particularly happy travellers – they are usually bonded strongly to their own territory and feel very vulnerable off home ground.

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Do not put the cat in the boot and take care with the rear of hatchbacks – ventilation may be poor and the cat may overheat.

You can secure the carrier behind one of the front seats or use the seat belt to make sure it is held securely on the seat.

See our information on how to choose and use a cat carrier.

Also consider the weather you will be travelling in – both your present situation and the likely temperature of your destination.

If you intend to travel by plane with your cat then you need to plan well ahead.

You may have a choice of airlines and how they can transport your cat may influence your choice.

Eventually the constant motion and noise of the car will probably induce it to sleep or at least to settle down.

Check the cat regularly, especially if the weather is hot – don't underestimate how rapidly the temperature inside a car can rise - bear this in mind if you stop for a refreshment break and leave the cat in the car.

The cat may meow initially or even throughout the whole journey – speak calmly and reassuringly to it but resist letting it out of its carrier.

The noise will probably drive you mad but the cat is unlikely to be suffering; just voicing its dislike of the situation!

Most airlines do not allow cats to travel with their owners and have to travel in a special part of the hold which is heated and pressurised.


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