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The history of sexual abuse between women of color and white men, documented in slave narratives such as , no doubt contributes to the fact that black women today are much less likely to enter interracial marriages than their male counterparts.

The Pew Research Center found that in 2013 more than double the amount of black men (25 percent) than black women (12 percent) married a non-black partner.

Williams is a major figure in a predominately White sport in which the racism she faces is well-documented.

Had an amazing #Selexis Day this weekend thanks to @Serena Williams and my closest friends and family.

I think we understand hard work in different ways.” Karaoke partner for life.

At some point during the past decade, Hollywood decided that mixed couples just aren’t controversial anymore.

On shows such as ABC’s , the biopic about the couple who took their fight against anti-miscegenation laws to the Supreme Court in 1967, suggest that interracial marriage today is unremarkable.

While the mainstream media has used such statistics to suggest that black women aren’t sexually desirable, black media has dug deeper, considering that the legacy of sexual abuse during slavery has made black women reluctant to cross the color line for romance.

And yet suggesting, as Melony Hill did, that Black women betray their ancestors by partnering with white men, imposes a double standard, since black men aren’t held to the same standard despite the fact that white women also played roles in the beatings and fracturing of slave families.

Designed them myself, with some help from Jr.” he said in reference to the couple’s newborn baby.

about the choice to let the public into her private life through her HBO documentary series, Being Serena. The fact that she married a Caucasian is surprising to her but a lesson in the color-blindness of true love.

Cool, just don’t ask for my support or respect.”, Octavia Butler expertly demonstrates how the spectre of slavery haunts such relationships by having the protagonist, Dana, a modern-day black woman married to a white man, enter a time warp that transports her back to the plantation where her ancestors live.

For Dana’s family line to continue to the present, she must convince one such slave ancestor to submit to sex with the predatory and abusive son of a plantation owner.

“Literally all I tell Alexis is, ‘Well, you know, there’s such a difference between white people and black people.’ He always gets to hear about the injustices that happen; that wouldn’t happen if I were white. I never thought I would have married a white guy, either, so it just goes to show you that love truly has no color, and it just really goes to show me the importance of what love is.


  1. We have come to the rather harsh assumption that, at least at first, we are little more than objects to those pursuing us. No matter the romantic notion of it, I cannot know your inner being or feel one with you or some such other blather. Like walking the aisles of your favorite store, your love at first sight is but only a bauble that immediately interests you and perhaps spurs you to find out more. Another harsh assumption follows from this: As objects, there really isn’t a whole lot that differentiates us from others.

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