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The other alternative is to set up a dynamic DNS account.

If for some reason it still doesn't work and you're using Wi Fi, ensure your Wi Fi network supports the following requirements which are listed at the bottom of this article.

If you're using Ethernet, try plugging a laptop into the Ethernet to ensure it can connect to the internet. Registering the R1 Long Range Camera If you have an R1 long-range camera, a little more effort is required to register the cameras.

Since the cameras specializes in seeing objects far away, to register the camera you need to print out the QR code from the web on a full sheet of paper.

We then recommend holding that sheet of paper 5 - 10 feet away from the camera for best results.

App Download Registering from Mobile Apps Once an app is downloaded, login to the app and click "Register Camera" from the home screen.

That will take you through a few quick steps including assigning the camera to a location.

Because of this most ISPs will rotate their customers’ IP address each time they connect or reconnect to the internet, or as sometimes is the case, whenever they feel like it!

This can be a problem whenever you set up a camera using a domestic level broadband account.

You will receive a confirmation at the end of setup for all of the cameras registered or an error if there was any type of issue.

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