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"Kings and queens are born and die during eclipses" – the ancient saying says.

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The Sun and the Moon, the lights, are our cosmic father and mother.

Their rhythmic conjunctions and oppositions through the Zodiac seem like patterns of tapestry behind our natal charts.

An eclipse consists of a Sun/Moon/Nodes conjunction or opposition (New or Full Moon on the Nodes).

Since the Lunar Nodes themselves are the intersection point between the Solar and Lunar orbit as seen from the earth, an eclipse occurs when they indeed align exactly on those points.

Meetings that do not adhere to and follow Sexaholics Anonymous’ sobriety statement as set forth in the foregoing Statement of Principle adopted by the General Delegate Assembly in 2010 are not SA meetings and shall not call themselves SA meetings.

Addendum to the Statement of Principle passed by the General Delegate Assembly on July 2016.

The first, middle and final degrees in each of the signs carry specific and potent messages, whether in the natal horoscope or directed/progressed charts.

Here, a range of horoscopes of famous people and events is analysed to demonstrate the spectrum of meanings across these highly-charged degrees.

Indeed, our natal chart itself is just an instant in the infinity of this cosmic interplay.

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