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A true fashionista knows that the one and only way to get an exclusive gown...; Barbie is getting ready to bear her second child and it seems that this is going to happen today.Will you be with Barbie and Ken on this very special day?

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The winner's doll will then be mass produced and sold on shelves all around the world f...; Crystal is preparing to walk down the aisle toward the man of her dreams.

She's been looking forward to her wedding day ever since the lovely couple got engaged.

Help her to choose the pattern of the dress, color and stitch it according to her ...; Barbie and Ken are getting married!

And the entire fashion world is discussing what wedding gown Barbie is about to wear.

Barbie has already been through it once, ...; Go winter shopping at the mall with Barbie updating her wardrobe with trendy new clothes and accessories.

The cute doll needs casual clothing items to wear on daily basis and elegant evening dresse...; Have you already decided how to spend your winter holidays?

It's always been a dream of hers to own and operate her very own store.

Mostly because it means she'll get free manicures and ...; This cute baby boy is ready for his favorite Saturday morning cartoon to start.

With a passage under her cast...; Barbie is a superhero now! Will you help Barbie pi...; Zoe got an invitation from the fashion studio.


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