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Hostages were taken, families were split up, and individuals were forced to leave their villages and settle elsewhere.The growing competition between the trading companies, merging into fewer, larger and more powerful corporations, created conflicts that aggravated the relations with the indigenous populations. As the animal populations declined, the Aleuts, already too dependent on the new barter economy created by the Russian fur-trade, were increasingly coerced into taking greater and greater risks in the highly dangerous waters of the North Pacific to hunt for more otter., Russkaya Amerika) was the name of the Russian colonial possessions in North America from 1733 to 1867. states of California, Alaska and two ports in Hawaii.

In 1795, Baranov, concerned by the sight of non-Russian Europeans trading with the Natives in southeast Alaska, established Mikhailovsk six miles (10 km) north of present-day Sitka.

He bought the land from the Tlingit, but in 1802, while Baranov was away, Tlingit from a neighboring settlement attacked and destroyed Mikhailovsk.

In 1790, Shelekhov, back in Russia, hired Alexander Andreyevich Baranov to manage his Alaskan fur enterprise.

Baranov moved the colony to the northeast end of Kodiak Island, where timber was available.

Many of its possessions were abandoned in the 19th century.

In 1867, Russia sold its last remaining possessions to the United States of America for .2 million (9 million in today's terms).Baranov returned with a Russian warship and razed the Tlingit village.He built the settlement of New Archangel on the ruins of Mikhailovsk.As a part of the 1733–1743 Second Kamchatka expedition, the Sv. Pavel under the Russian Alexei Chirikov set sail from the Kamchatkan port of Petropavlovsk in June 1741.They were soon separated, but each continued sailing east.The high quality of the sea-otter pelts they brought sparked Russian settlement in Alaska.

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