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Pomeroy is the only incorporated city in Garfield County and still maintains it historic function as the countys commercial and business center.

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Settlers in Alpowa Ridge and Pataha Flat in present-day Garfield County began experimenting with raising grain.

This was the beginning of the agricultural economy of county.

The downtown District shows a continuum and evolution of architectural building types, methods of construction, and styles.

Distinctive elements of the District include the uniformity of the building types and styles reflecting the reconstruction period after the 1900 fire.

The Downtown Pomeroy Historic District is locally significant under Criterion A as an intact concentration of building reflecting the early development of Pomeroy as the leading business, governmental, trading, and shipping center of Garfield County.

Pomeroy handled the regional trade of the farmers and ranchers who came to town to ship their products, shop for goods, conduct business, and find entertainment.

In 1860, Parson Quinn was the first to settle in the Pataha Valley; the site that would later become the City of Pomeroy (Kuykendall, p. More settlers came into the region after gold was discovered in Idaho and Montana in the early 1860s.

Miners passed through present-day Garfield County on their way to the gold mines of Idaho on trails once used by native people.

A year later, Joseph sold his Oregon claim and moved his family to Eastern Washington, eventually settling in the Pataha Valley on land that would later become the City of Pomeroy.

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