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Airfares tend to be expensive and services for travelers may be limited outside of Casper.

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No matter where you're headed, there's almost always a scenic route.

The state offers some spectacular drives on federal and state highways, including 20 byways and backways. Getting to and from Wyoming by air can be tricky, expensive or both.

Nearly half of the state is designated as public land, so visitors will not lack for opportunities to get out and experience wide open spaces.

As visitors might expect, Wyoming's economy is closely tied to these public lands, used for mineral extraction, tourism and ranching, making land-use policy one of the state's most hotly debated issues.

Other airports in the state are served by regional carriers.

Of these, Casper/Natrona County International Airport is the busiest, with flights to Denver, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas.

For visitors, this means that the distance between towns is often vast, requiring more planning and self-sufficiency than travel in more densely populated parts of the country.

It also means that travelers will have the chance to experience first hand the feeling of being all alone in vast, wide-open spaces.

A reasonable alternative to flying into one of Wyoming's airports is to fly to Denver, Salt Lake City or Billings and rent a car to drive into the state.

Fares to these cities are typically less expensive and all are well served by car rental agencies and other services for tourists.

Salt Lake City is approximately 90 minutes from the Wyoming state line; Billings is 110 miles north of Sheridan, Denver is 90 miles south of Cheyenne.

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