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i love going to gym, my best features are my eyes.. Ii am the busy type due to the nature of my job please bear with me, i am stationed at US but presently deployed at syria on peace keeping mission, am not supposed to be on the internet communicating with you because we Am single and searching for the right man for me to spend the rest of my life with and both enjoy the beauty of life together..

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I am married and I am not looking to leave my wife. If this is what you are looking for, please send me an email with a way to contact you, and I will be happy to talk with you.

I’m a passionate woman with a drive that seeks to find a man that is willing to live life to the fullest I’m modern and trendy but low maintenance cos I believe life style is all about pleasing your inner beauty I’m Well I'm the only child of my parent and i am easy going lady. I love to meet people and make new friends I am 5'8.

The current longest member, Victor Manuel Gerena became the 386th fugitive to be placed on May 14, 1984, and is currently still at large.

The FBI added, Donald Eugene Webb, on May 4, 1981, who remained on the list until March 2007 when the FBI, presuming his death, removed his name.

She worked as a performing musician at the Ozark Jubilee on summer before her senior year at high school.

Shortly after graduating from high school, she got a position in a musical production at Opryland USA.She has sold more than 1,500,000 copies of her albums as of 2010.Born as Richell Rene ‘Chely’ Wright on October 25, 1970, in Kansa City, Missouri, Chely has been active in the entertainment world since 1994.Her current net worth is estimated to be million. I am also a registered nurse who works nights and usually more than full time. Working nights it is often difficult to find a great time to go on dates. Somebody that's a Christian man that's into Jesus Christ somebody that's honest faithful compassion understanding can carry on a conversation somebody that has a great heart somebody that's open I can't stand liars I can.. I like to listen to music and use it to protect my life. Chely Wright is the founder of Reading, Writing, and Rhythm (RW&R), a charity organization which is devoted to musical education in American schools and helps supply the musical instrument and equipment.


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