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We demonstrate that the transition patterns (i.e., sexual initiation, first marriage, and first pregnancy/birth) differ within and across the urban areas and countries studied.

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Notably, these decisions are also being made within a policy and regulatory environment that may be more or less supportive of behaviors such as delayed marriage or contraceptive use at an early age or out of union [7, 13].

Few research studies on youth in developing countries use longitudinal data to examine simultaneously the sexual and reproductive health transitions of young people.

The adolescent (ages 15–19) and young adult (ages 20–24) years are a crucial time as many sexual and reproductive health (SRH) transitions take place in these years.

The study of youth SRH transitions in sub-Saharan Africa is limited due to a paucity of longitudinal data needed to examine the timing and circumstances of these transitions.

Yet in handing down this disappointing judgment, the Court has ruled that a certain sector of society is undeserving of those rights.

The ruling sends a dangerous signal to the other 72 countries, 35 of them in the Commonwealth, where citizens are made ‘criminals’ simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.Numerous individual-level factors, including education level, religion, employment status, school enrollment, age, and family living arrangement influence the decisions that young people make [12].In addition, there are additional levels of influence on a young person’s reproductive health transitions including structural factors at the community or institutional levels, and cultural and family-level factors that affect decision-making [7, 13]."The Human Dignity Trust wishes to show its solidarity and commiserate with the Kenyan activists and lawyers who have tirelessly sought justice for LGBT people through the courts.All Kenyan citizens are guaranteed human dignity, equality before the law and freedom from discrimination under the 2010 Constitution.Further analyses demonstrate that more educated and wealthier youth transition later than their less educated and poorer counterparts.


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