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Continue reading if In case you are a sex tourist and you want to inform yourself about the best go-go bars in Patong, this article is not for you.This article is only for you if you want to come to Phuket because you want to meet amazing Thai women and not a bar girl who fucks you over, steals your wallet, and chats with her second sponsor right after she sucked your dick.

It’s a laid-back beach town that lives from tourism and from foreigners who move there to study Thai.

It’s very likely that the girls you meet either work in the tourist industry or as a language teacher. According to my friend it’s three times easier to meet a girl who speaks English when you are in Phuket than when you are in Bangkok. It’s on you to find it out.​Your future girlfriend is not only more religious, but also more traditional that the women in Bangkok.

The girls from Isan are also dark-skinned, but they are usually a bit smaller…and they are the ones who work in the bars.

Don’t forget to And like I said, this town or city or whatever you may call it has more to offer than go-go bars and massage parlors.

And if you are into Indian girls, you will love it even more (some of them look a little bit Indian).

Thanks to influences from Malaysia, Indonesia and India, the women in the South of Thailand are very dark-skinned.This won’t happen to you when you meet and date women in Phuket City.With less than 100.000 inhabitants, beautiful beaches and incredible landscapes, meeting Thai girls becomes an adventure.Why don’t you just wait for her in one of the many cafes and restaurants?Eat something at Segafredo Zannatti Espresso and get to know her at Kentucky Fried chicken when she finished her work. Do it the other way around.​The Walking Street in Phuket is not the same as the Walking Street in Pattaya.One of my friends in Thailand found his wife on this island. She is smart, beautiful and has never danced on a pole…besides the one in their bedroom. But the landscape, the culture, and the language are not the only things that are different. But I have friends who have more dating experience when it comes to Southern Thai women.

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