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Though Imo is yet to have what he can describe as his big break in the capital city, he has come close to it in the three years he has been there.

One such moment was a joint performance piece he created titled Though I Don’t Know You – in collaboration with Uche Uguru, Yusuf Durodola, Doofan Kwaghool, and Osi Otsemobor at the residence of the Belgian Ambassador to Nigeria as part of the celebration of French Cultural Week.“I would not have that kind of audience if I wasn’t in Abuja,” the heavily-built artist said smiling with an air of pride.

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For most workers in Abuja, it is business as usual…9 to 5.

“Can you imagine civil servants rushing home like school pupils immediately at 5 p.m.,” he asked rhetorically.

“There is a man I admire because of his integrity and the many works he has done in the country and I just met him.

It would not have happened if I hadn’t come here.”He also told me that he has met some young entrepreneurs who are making good use of the resources in the city to impart people’s lives positively. He resettled from Lagos in May of 2017, but he definitely has an opinion about the city. That means you spend far less on maintaining your automobile here than in many other places in the country.

It was a dream come true because Abuja gives him the opportunity to reach a larger audience for his work.

Imo describes Abuja as the second art hub in Nigeria.He was quick to compare Abuja with Lagos and other capital cities in Africa and Europe.One of his conclusions from the comparison is that most people working in the formal sector, both state owned and private, seem laid back…or they have a lackadaisical attitude towards work.“You can’t schedule a meeting for anytime earlier than 9 a.m.,” he noted with great concern.They try to stay back and get “connected.” They are eventually forced to leave when the connection does not seem to come.Little did the man know that he was telling me part of my own story.When people come to Abuja, they usually don’t want to leave.

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