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It was there that Michelle found herself thrown into the company of his best friend, Adrian Mc Collin, 36, a project manager for a building company.'Ade was one of the friends who came to sit with Jon,' she says.

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But as the weeks passed and the relationship continued, attitudes hardened.

But I can honestly swear there was nothing inappropriate about our behaviour.' Jon's relatives and the couple's other friends, however, drew their own conclusions.

After all, our exclusive search firm has the potential to change your life, and it's with that knowledge that we treat your requirements with respect and provide only the best picture of your potential ideal partner."They've gone from high school to college to graduate school or even onto medical school or law school and they have just taken the fast track through life and they look around all of a sudden at 35 or 40 and they don't have a husband or any children because they've allowed their career to take over their lives." A large part of that fast track mentality has come from our cultural upbringing, they say, which places a focus on prioritizing school, employment and success with the pursuit of passion and romance coming as a secondary focus."If you think of it culturally, a lot of our parents and grandparents are like, 'ok, get your education and worry about that later.' And how many people have not heard that?

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Even when they're dating, they forget to say, 'Ok, I do all these things but I really don't want to.

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'So I didn't feel embarrassed.' However, raw emotions came to the surface when Michelle and Adrian took her son Sam on a day trip to the beach three weeks after Jon's death.

'People made terribly hurtful comments,' says Michelle.

I want you to take some of these things off my plate.' They don't know how to communicate that in the right tone or delivery." "It doesn't matter what location you're in or what city, even if you're at a bar or having drinks with friends you have to be open to saying hello which is unconventional but you have to smile and be willing to make a move as much as men are willing to make a move." For more gems on the dating struggle many Black women face and details on how a matchmaker can help, check out this week's full podcast above.


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