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"I was sixteen and horrified at the idea and said no. ' And somehow between the two of them, with me not being any part of the conversation at all, it was decided that the child would be given up for adoption."Meredith says that she does not think there was any debate about that choice at all."Over the years I wished that I had been able to fight against that tidal wave of shame and had said something like, 'Can't we keep this child, isn't there a way to keep this child.' But my family was not a family that was built to do that."Meredith says her family was determined to keep her pregnancy secret."My father actually — he let me live [with him] for the last four months of my pregnancy, but he hid me in the upstairs and I was not allowed to be outside at all.

None of their friends knew that I was even there, in the house."After Ron was born, Meredith wasn't allowed to see him in the hospital.

"He eventually moved to Maine and I found a piece of land, and we built a house for my younger sons and me.

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There was a set of values and expectations that were exceedingly tight and strict and very judgmental.

My mother was a single mother, and I think she could not tolerate having me be in the town, visible, shaming her every day.

If Modern Love author Meredith Hall had to point to the year that her life changed, she would probably say that it was 1965.

She was sixteen that year, and pregnant with a son.

Meredith says that although his adoptive parents were supportive and generous when Ron wanted to form a relationship with her at 21, things hadn't always been that way."They lived on a very poor farm in New Hampshire.

Ron was worked very hard from the time he was a small child," she says. She could not protect herself and could not protect her children.Not long after, she was sent to boarding school."The headmistress agreed to take me providing I never said a word for that senior year to anybody about this child," she says."I was bound to complete silence, with not a single person saying to me, 'You had a child and lost that child.'"But Meredith loved school, and she did well there.American in Germany for a while to help with family business. I am seeking a hard working, reliable polish husband who can re-locate to London, England for marriage and companionship I seek a man to have a make a child and life with in UK. I consider myself as honest Kuwaiti man, loyal, funny, intelligent, caring, gentle, understanding, sincere, faithful, family oriented and I like to travel, cooking, gardening, painting, jogging , watching movies and Im..I will be enrolling in a language class but for right now Im looking to meet someone who speaks at least some English. I would like to meet someone who makes me feel The music does. About me, luv music, animals, traveling, going to concerts!

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