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It is a special land: ancient temples, magnificent nature, the warm sea are the most famous symbols of this Asian state.

Every day we get new Vietnamese ladies joining and we strive to become the number one place for westerners online to find friends and more in Vietnam.

Some girls who set up accounts on best mail order brides sites just cannot find a right guy in their own country.

Some of them just do not want to waste their time going on dates with men who want nothing but a short affair.

What else could motivate a hot girl to search for an older husband from the US or Western Europe?

So, is it true that they are money-hungry women who will leave you right after they get everything they really need from you? Vietnamese brides are women who are seeking love abroad for various social, political, economic, and cultural reasons.

If you have, you know that dating such a girl is pretty annoying not because she wants expensive gifts but because it seems that it is all she really needs from you.

If you want to meet a good wife who will love you, not your money, you can search for her in Vietnam.

You may be surprised to learn new secrets about this mysterious land and its inhabitants.

Paradoxically, although marriages with international brides take place more and more often, there are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about these girls. Skeptics may say that a typical foreign bride is a girl who wants nothing but money, Visa, Green Card, etc.

If you meet a beautiful Vietnamese girl, you will notice that she is not like western women.

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