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He said he saw her at the gym and he messaged her on twitter and they are just getting to know each other. So that day i decided to stop talking to him because it only hurts me to be friends while he talks to other girls...

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I had some problems at home that changed me completely I became cold and very protective I guess. When he broke up with me it was very sudden I did not see it coming.

In the beginning he said he needed space but right away started to speak to another girl (this was when he was in college) okay so after all of that he actually apologized to me and cried about it saying he knows it was a mistake to talk to that girl.

(can't remember exactly) We had a great relationship,we were best friends, we were there for each other, I've seen him cry and he has seen me cry.

We were about 16 when we started dating but I am a little older a few months older than him and when we dated I was a JR in High School and he was a freshman or sophomore.

In seguito completò il suo corso e si laureò in teatro e recitazione alla East Carolina University.

Passò parecchio tempo a Salisburgo e a Norimberga con la zia e la nonna materne, periodo durante il quale imparò perfettamente il tedesco.

That he does care for me but not in love with me as I am in love with him.

I have always had hope on us and faith that we will get together and he will fall in love with me again. so now its been three weeks one monday after class we hanged out we went out to lunch and then to the mall.seemed so perfect.looked very happy.laughed and joked.even brought up prom night and said "that was one of the funnest day I've ever had, thats one day i would love to relive" I was so happy thinking hey maybe he is starting to feel something again..wasn't the case when we arrived at his house he said" I need to tell you something I just feel like I should tell you I started talking to this girl but I don't want to tell you her name because i don't even know if it will become something serious" well he ended up telling me she's a high school girl and she's 17 and he's 20 about to be 21 and I'm 21. Well I wished him the best and told him i knew this was going to happen because you have always told me u wanted to talk to someone new.

I gave my everything to him thinking he will be my husband one day.


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