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I always seem to come across the same categories of guys, and more or less all of my female single friends here agree: So ya...

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So, to not make this the longest post ever, how is dating in Madrid? Good to see I'm "a lazy guy" because I don't hit the gym, though. I don't know, I'm in my early thirties, I'm not Mr. Moving cities is a decent way to get over a break up. I'm in my twenties and my dating life is pretty much non-existant, so take my comment as you will.

Madrid and I haven't got many problems dating, so I would say that, at least, the "dating scene" is not specially harsh with us, members of the number 6. Socialize and make friends, then meet friends of friends. If that's what you want to do, come try your luck here. Avoid the places where more than half of your list are pretty much the norm.#5 is a call out to your last man for sure. This woman just completely ridiculed and disrespected a large swath of men in an entire city from a hook up app. I feel tempted to deny that the "types" you listed exist, because they do.

Of course there's fuckboys, guys who have never left madrid and things like that here, but I think you might have a better chance at the dating scene here because people take it more seriously. But as someone else said, the key is to be in the kinds of place where you'd meet the kinds of men you'd want to date.

I wouldn't expect to meet my soulmate at Kapital.

And then, it is nothing like "dating", but rather a messy transition, slower or faster, from friendship to whatever it may become.

As a result, I feel that it is only natural that you only find those kinds of people on Tinder: In summary, I don't think you'll have any greater success in Madrid than in Barcelona by following the same approach.Hi, I (30, female) been living in Barcelona for three years (I'm European but not Spanish).For several reasons I'm considering to move to Madrid (my work would allow me to).Maybe in Barcelona there's some problems dating, maybe the problem is somewhere else. If you surround yourself with people on your list, then you will find more of the people on your list. But I also feel you tend to be very judgmental of others.You sound pretty jaded; maybe it's justified, but still, it's not a good starting point, specially if you are already in your thirties: Most guys will either feel intimidated and/or feel the shit you'll give them won't be worth the effort compared to younger (and probably more naïve) women.One of the reasons, as dumb as it might sounds, is dating.


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